Lemonades® Yogurt Parfait


8 Lemonades™ Girl Scout Cookies, coarsely crushed
¼ c. sweetened dried cranberries
4 (6 oz.) containers flavored yogurt
1 c. chopped mixed fruit (bananas, grapes, mandarin oranges, kiwi or blueberries)
4 Lemonades™ Girl Scout Cookies for garnishing



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Combine crushed cookies and cranberries.

Divide cookie mixture.

Spoon half of cookie mixture into the bottom of four tall and narrow dessert glasses.

Top with half of yogurt and half of mixed fruit pieces.

Repeat layers.

Garnish each dessert with 1 whole cookie.

Kitchen Tip: To crush cookies, place cookies into self-sealing plastic bag and close. Place bag on cutting board and use rolling pin to crush cookies into coarse crumbs.

Kitchen Tip: To make these parfaits as a troop activity, use clear tall plastic cups. Have an assortment of yogurt flavors and fruits so each girl can make a parfait with her favorite yogurt and fruit.

 Serves 4