During Sales Season




  • Promote online sales with e-cards: Many would-be customers aren’t familiar with the convenience of direct shipping options, so encourage girls to collect email addresses and send Smart Cookies Direct Ship e-cards (pdf) to boost online sales.

  • Track troop progress: Visit your dashboard weekly to check on season goals, track per-girl averages, and compare your progress to last season so you can adjust accordingly. (It also helps to know which cookies are selling the most so you can share that information with your troop.)

  • Let the girls lead: Keep reminding yourself that the first goal of the Cookie Program is to create leadership and learning opportunities for girls, so find ways to rotate them in leadership positions during events and help them reflect, grow, and discover.



  • Keep a steady rhythm of engagement: Maximize engagement by posting before, during, and after each milestone or event, and follow the ABC Bakers Facebook, Lemonades Facebook, and Lemonades Instagram pages for content you can repurpose and share.

  • Spark conversation: Ask questions (e.g., what’s your favorite cookie?) to promote active engagement, and monitor your comments to provide prompt answers to fans and potential customers.