Before Sales Season


  • Prep new and returning participants: Consult the Rally Guide (pdf) and The Cookie Booklet for pre-season resources on everything that goes into cookie season.

  • Support group and individual goals: Introduce the annual theme, explain the five essential leadership skills (pdf), and discuss the importance of goal setting for cookie sales and skills.

  • Confirm registration and permission forms: Make sure all families have completed their Girl Scout registration and signed permission forms (pdf) for each girl participating in cookie sales.

  • Review safety information: Ensure girls, parents, and volunteers are familiar with the Girl Scout Program Safety Resources for cookie sellers.

  • Set season goals: Download our Cookie Calculator to calculate appropriate group and individual goals for the season.



  • Recruit friends and family: Encourage parents and friends to get involved in cookie sales, share events on social, and bring cookie order forms to work. See a sample volunteer meeting agenda (pdf).

  • Take advantage of social media: Make sure everyone in your council’s extended network is aware of cookie events and that you’re actively tagging your council, neighborhood partners, ABC Bakers Facebook, Lemonades Facebook, and Lemonades Instagram pages.

  • Share behind-the-scenes images: Give the local community a face-to-face introduction to the hardworking girls they’ll be supporting by buying your cookies—the more you share, the more you’ll drive engagement.

  • Contact local media: Generate media buzz by sharing details on your events, goals, and causes with local newspapers and press outlets



  • Organize booth sales: Complete sign-ups for girls, parents, and volunteers; secure location dates; and assign responsibilities for essential supplies (tables, chairs, water).

  • List booth details on Smart Cookies: Use Smart Cookies booth tools to schedule booth sales and don’t forget to share your upcoming booths on social media straight from your booth reservation page.

  • Engage your host: Ask your hosts for help promoting your booth sale and if employees would have time to talk to girls about their jobs.

  • Display your goals: Give customers extra incentive by displaying your troop’s season goals and progress.

  • Bling your booth: Look back to the Rally Guide (pdf) for ideas on creating eye-catching, creative booths that will draw crowds.

  • Create thank-you cards: Encourage girls to make and distribute customer thank-you cards to show appreciation and provide instructions on placing future orders.

  • Share your cookie season spirit: Be sure to feature your favorite cookies and the annual theme and mascot in your booth display and thank-you cards using Digital Art.