After Sales Season


  • Capture what you've accomplished: Solicit and record feedback from parents, volunteers, and girls while it’s still fresh in their minds, noting opportunities to make adjustments next season.

  • Tally your totals: See how you’ve measured up against season goals and last year’s performance, reflecting on what you might change or repeat next year.



  • Recognition time: Make sure you’ve submitted your recognition orders to reward the individual contributions that led to the season’s success.

  • Reflect on goals and skills: Gather girls, parents, and volunteers to reflect upon and reinforce the leadership skills gained during cookie season.



  • Celebrate your success: Plan a party, order pizza, and gather everyone involved to commemorate the bittersweet end of cookie season. 

  • Share with the community: Don’t forget to let your fans and supporters know what you’ve achieved! Keep them in the loop by thanking them for a successful cookie season and sharing photos of troop celebrations and the awesome experiences funded by cookie purchases.

  • Plan for the year ahead: Use your Cookie Program proceeds to power engaging and inspirational events and activities year-round.