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Where the Money Goes

Why purchase Girl Scout Cookies?

The obvious answer is, because they’re delicious! But there’s so much more to buying these iconic desserts than just their flavor. Purchasing even one package of cookies brings Girl Scout troops one step closer to turning their goals and dreams into accomplishments.

100% of the proceeds stay with the local Girl Scout Council.

Money raised from the Cookie Program gives Girl Scouts the opportunity to live out their dream adventures, all while building tight bonds with their troop and making memories to last a lifetime. A purchase of even one box supports a troop’s day-to-day tasks and activities, and helps Girl Scouts continue to develop essential business leadership skills through the power of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Be a Cookie Boss

The Girl Scout experience is about so much more than cookies. For girls, it’s about trekking off into adventure with their troop, connecting with people who become lifelong friends, and learning how to set goals, make decisions, manage money and so much more. This isn’t simply smart selling. It’s being a #cookieboss.

The cookie program helps girls develop critical business skills that stay with them for their entire lives:

How to Get Involved

Girl Scout volunteers make amazing things happen. They’re at the front lines of key moments, from troop meetings to weekend booth selling, as well as the occasional pizza (or cupcake) party. Volunteers help inspire Girl Scouts to learn, grow and become their best selves. To get involved, find your local council.