How To Support Your Girl Scout

How To Support Your Girl Scout

Supporting Your Girl Scout

When she has her family's support, there's nothing a Girl Scout can't do. Here are a few tips for family members to help your Girl Scout have her best Cookie Sale yet. 

Build Her Confidence.

Start by attending cookie training together. Talk with her about the 5 Essential Skills and her goals for the season. Help her make a list of contacts. Then listen to her sales pitch and provide constructive feedback. You can even try a little role-play at your own front door—just remember to let her do the selling!

Get Involved.

Moral support is a great place to start, but there are lots of other ways to help out! Go with her to sell and deliver cookies. Scout locations for a booth sale and ask friends or colleagues to help supervise it. Or ask your troop leader about volunteering for meetings.

Keep In Touch.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so be sure to check in with your Girl Scout from time to time! Talk about her progress and discuss additional ways that you might help, like providing rides when she needs them, or safeguarding her cookie money.

Get to Know COCO.

COCO is a fun and safe online organizational tool that can help your Girl Scout with planning, goal-setting, and marketing. There’s even a mobile app for girls on the go!

Put Safety First.

Cookie Season is a lot of fun, but safety should always be a priority! Read these basic safety rules and discuss them with your Girl Scout.

Show off.

Proclaim your Girl Scout Pride online! Share your daughter or troop's blinged out booths on our ABC Bakers or Lemonades Facebook Pages! We love to see what our troops are doing to promote their cookie sale.

We also hold regular contests on our pages and do some fun giveaways, so make sure to keep your eye out!