How To Set Goals

Setting your goals is the key to achieving them! Whether it’s the number of cookies you plan to sell, the college you want to attend, or breaking a personal record in sports—the first step is positioning the finish line. These goal-setting tips will help.

Start With "I can." A good attitude is a great place to start. Take a deep breath and smile. Positive thinking makes you feel good about yourself and the task at hand. 

Be precise. Decide how many cookies you will sell and when. Setting a specific goal - "I will sell 150 boxes," instead of "I will sell a ton of cookies," - will allow you to measure your progress and take pride when you succeed! 

Set Personal Goals. The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is more than a chance to sell cookies - it's a great opportunity to advance personal goals like overcoming shyness or improving your math skills. 

Prioritize! If you set multiple goals, list them in order of importance. This will help you make sure you manage your time well. 

Consider your group's goals, too. Personal goals go beyond what is needed to help your group meet its goals - like selling more cookies than you did last year, striving for a personal best, or even a long-term personal goal for your Girl Scout Cookie-selling career! 

Use COCO. Record your goals in COCO and make notes on your progress. This makes your goals concrete and will inspire you to reach them! 

Divide and Sell. Break big goals into smaller ones, and tackle one at a time. For example, if you want to sell 100 packages of cookies, focus on selling 10 at a time. Be proud with each step you take, and celebrate when you reach your big goal! 

Be smart. Set goals you can reach. No one Girl Scout can sell a million packages of cookies on her own! It's great to challenge yourself, but don't overdo it.