Be Prepared

Being prepared takes a little effort, but it’s the key to success in school, sports, life, and especially in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale! In fact, it’s so important that the Girl Scouts made it their motto. To set yourself up for a great Cookie Season, start with these tips.

Make A Plan. Ask your family to help you plan when and where you’ll sell, and draw up a list of customer leads. Contact these people before the sale. Be sure to introduce yourself and mention your parents by name.

Sport Your Team Spirit. Make time to participate in cookie booth sales and cookie caravans that your cookie team conducts.

Know Your Cookies. Many customers are familiar with Girl Scout Cookies—most already have favorites! But some will have questions. Be ready to answer them by getting to know your cookies, inside and out. Know which cookies contain allergens, your cookie delivery dates, and how your troop will use its cookie money.

Cater To Cookie Fans. Most Girl Scout Cookie fans wait anxiously all year for cookie season! Take advantage of the excitement by being ready for orders on the first day of the sale. Be prompt with delivery, and don’t forget to check back with customers just before the sale ends to see if they want to place one more last-minute cookie order.

Dress To Impress. The top reason people buy Girl Scout Cookies (on top of how yummy they are) is to support Girl Scouting. So wear your uniform, a Girl Scout T-shirt, or your membership pin. And, don’t forget to dress for the weather!

Use The Buddy System. Selling cookies with a buddy isn’t just the Girl Scout way; it also makes selling fun and safe. Know and obey safety rules, and never go into an unfamiliar house or near a stranger’s car. Click here to read safety tips from the GSUSA website. 

Remember The Magic Words. Always be polite and say “please” and “thank you” with a smile. Thank the people you ask to buy cookies even if they say “no.” Thank customers when they order and again when you deliver their cookies.

Be The Cookie. You are the most important part of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale! If you send an order card to work with mom or dad, attach a school picture and a short note telling customers about your goals, or make a creative a poster!

Think Positively. Cookie Sale activities are a great way to work towards conquering shyness. If you sell by phone, speak clearly and cheerfully. At cookie booths, stay focused on the customers and smile.

Don’t Forget Seconds. Bring extra cookies when you make deliveries! Even customers who already ordered cookies may buy more, or you may run into new customers on the way!

Think Ahead. Don’t throw your order card away! Review it and take note of your top customers so you’ll know where to start next year.