Session 4: We Can Lead The Change

Learning Objectives

  • Review the data
  • Identify businesses and individuals that have supported Teen cookie success
  • Celebrate what was achieved
  • Next steps


  • Teens understand performance to goal
  • Recognition of supporters
  • An appreciation for what each Teen learned about money, about the community, and about herself

Resources/Materials Needed


Ask the Cookie Business Coach (CBC) to attend the meeting, so she can help the Seniors review the data.


Make It Your Own Opening Activity

Ask Teens to write down something the cookie experience helped them learn about managing money: getting it, keeping it, spending it, sharing it, investing it, tracking it, or protecting it.

Cookie Business Plan

CBC should review final sales data with Teens, challenging them to identify what were the critical factors that contributed to the results. Poll Teens in advance to ask if they want to write “Thank You notes to supporters during the meeting. They also can call or text to express their appreciation.


Special Activities

Invite Teens to share what they wrote for the “Make It Your Own” activity. If time allows in the meeting, Teens can work on their action plan for using cookie proceeds.


Hand out any reminders you need girls to take home. Close with the Friendship Circle. Make activity more special by asking the girls one at a time to turn to the girl on her right and say, “Good luck, Jenny.”