Session 1: Lead The Change

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the Lead The Change theme
  • Cookie Business Plan
  • COCO goals
  • Partnership meeting with family adults


  • Lead The Change theme
  • Planning for success
  • Goal setting

Resources/Materials Needed


Invite family members to attend this meeting. Identify a Cookie Business Coach (CBC) or ask a Teen to volunteer to work with her parent to recruit one. CBCs can be local businesswomen or community leaders who can give Seniors a unique perspective on things like budgeting, planning, and executing a sale. Have pens and paper ready for the Reflection Activity. Ask Teens to bring laptops to the meeting so they can work on the templates live or meet in a place where computers are available.


When Teens Arrive

Hand out slips of paper and ask Teens to complete the sentence, “A cookie can help us do______.” Tell them not to put their name on the paper. When they have finished writing, ask each Teen to fold her slip of paper and place it in a container.

Cookie Business Plan

If CBC is present, ask her/him to facilitate the Teens’ work on the Cookie Business Plan, breaking into small groups and delegating to girls whenever possible. Defer to the girls to present their CBP to family adults and to request the support they need. Let the girls know you and the family members are there to answer questions.


Success Tips

If possible, set up a computer at the session
to demonstrate COCO. Girls are more likely
to log on to it at home and show family adults if you introduce it to them at a
troop/group meeting.


Ask adults to complete the sentence, “When it comes to the cookie sale, How can a girl lead the change?_______.” Ask each girl to draw a slip of paper from the Opening Activity and read what it says. If there is room, ask girls and parents to stand in a circle for the closing—or in two concentric circles, with girls facing their parents (an alternative is two facing lines).