Girl Scouts Go Greener with new Lemonades™ Girl Scout Cookie Packaging

Two varieties come out of the box to save tons in paperboard while continuing to deliver the same amount of cookies per package.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! This year popular Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies will be offered in a tray with film overwrap. Prior packaging included a carton, tray, and film overwrap. By removing the carton, this program saves tons in paperboard and is a greener packaging solution for Girl Scouts.  

ABC Bakers, part of Interbake Foods and maker of Lemonades and Thanks-A-Lot® cookies, partnered with GSUSA in a sustainability initiative designed to reduce waste and make the best use of natural resources. Removing the carton from both cookies reduces the use of paperboard by 300 tons a year. And cookies in these film-overwrapped trays freeze well so consumers can stock up.

The Girl Scout Cookie sale, the largest girl-led business in the world, helps girls develop lifelong skills in goal setting, decision making, business ethics, working with people, and money management. 

“Today’s global economy is changing,” says Mary Alice Callaway, vice president of sales for ABC Bakers. “Girls want to be ready for the future, and earning, saving, and investing money are key life skills. Girls also care about sustainability, and this is a move they can be proud of. It is an empowering experience.”

All net proceeds from a local Girl Scout council’s sale remain in the area where the cookies are sold. The revenues help councils sponsor special events and projects, improve and maintain camps and other properties, and provide financial assistance to make Girl Scouting available to all girls.

Beloved cookie favorites such as Thin Mints® and Caramel deLites® will be available again this year, and cookies can be ordered in advance from a Girl Scout or at local booth sales. For more information, visit, where you can enter your ZIP Code and find out where cookies will be sold locally and how to order, along with a countdown for when the sale begins.